The Game Plan is my first foray into the world of blogs. It was started in 2010 for me to pen down my journey through investing. I also hope to hone my writing and publishing skills through work on the blog. As the blog content slowly evolves, I will also be including technology related writing, which is another of my interest.

Why "The Game Plan"? I have a fascination with computer games when I was young, and I see investing as a game that I enjoy playing in real life. I try not to take life too seriously, and believe that enjoying the journey is as important if not more important than the destination. I am married to a lovely wife with a beautiful girl.

I started my investment journey in 2006. In terms of investment philosophy, I am a firm believer of value investing. My investment strategies have been heavily influenced by the likes of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. I tend towards long term investing with a preference for dividend stocks with a decent growth story. I hope to share and hone my investment skill and methodology in my journey towards financial freedom.

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