Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Quick Overview of My Portfolio

I've been investing in the stock market for a couple of years, and before that I was investing through unit trusts. Over the years, there were some stocks that did well, and others that performed badly. I'm just going to do a brief and quick run through of those stocks that I'm holding, or have held previously and highlight what works for me and what doesn't.

Good/Decent Performers
Sembmarine - My best performer by far. Got it a fantastic price and at my purchase price, its giving a current dividend yield of close to 10%. As the stock market recovered, I also enjoyed significant capital appreciation for Sembmarine.

Boustead Sp - Its a decent performer with a stable business model. As its fairly under-researched by the market, it gives out decent yield at around 7% currently.

Kingsmen Creative - A decent performer. Not much growth or capital appreciation, but gives out a fair dividend yield of around 7% at current price.

Ascott Reit - Bought it at a good price. Currently gives a decent dividend yield along with good capital appreciation from the time i bought it.

Ascendas India - Not much capital appreciation, but gives out respectable dividend yield of 7%. It also has some growth potential as its still developing industrial buildings in India.

STI ETF - I love it. Not much research required, no risk of underperforming the market. Dividend yield of around 2%. Its a fair tradeoff between capital appreciation and dividend yield. Well diversified. I prefer the transparency and low management fees of ETF to unit trusts.

Capitaland - My greatest underperformer. Its a stock with good fundamentals and strong management team. Nevertheless, weighed down largely by its exposure to China property market. It also sold off a large part of its holdings through IPO, and is currently sitting on a large reserve for future deployment. On hindsight, maybe I bought without sufficient margin of safety.

CapitamallsAsia - Similar to Capitaland. Strong and sound fundamentals. However, currently weighed down by exposure to China. I bought CMA at a more sound price.

Raffles Education - One word...disappointing. I personally see this as one of my worst investments. I bought after it fell significantly from its peak, hoping that the fundamentals will improve over time. So far, no indication of improving fundamentals.

Previous Holdings
Thomson Medical - I bought it at a good price and sold it at a great price when Peter Lim bought over the company. Nice.

HLN Tech - Sold it after i learnt never to trust China Companies. They just have terrible corporate governance.

Fibrechem - Suspended after issues with finances. Terrible. Again, I learnt not to trust China companies with their issues in corporate governance.

I'll try and do a subsequent post to review some of the lessons learnt and what works for me over the few years of investing in the stock market.


  1. Do consider including bonds into your overall portfolio. Bonds can cushion the volatility of stocks and provide some stability to the overall portfolio.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the advice! Yeah i do acknowledge that bonds will help to stabilise and reduce the volatility of the entire portfolio.

    Only thing is i haven't really dedicated much time to learning more about bonds. And i'm not particularly interested in bond funds at this point in time. Nevertheless, will probably spend some time to look into bonds as my portfolio grows bigger.


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